AML Policy
For the use by RIVEX only
April 2020
Last changed: 21.4.2020

Rivex is committed to self-regulating the highest international standards of Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) compliance. This ensures the smooth running of our operations, and enables us to provide to you, our Users a smooth seamless ecosystem. 

As such, all Rivex personnel including directors, employees, and/or contractors shall observe the following with strict adherence: - 

- Rivex shall implement and further maintain a risk-based approach to assessing and implementing AML and KYC procedures. This risk-based approach will be subjected to evaluation and further changes (if necessary) from time to time.

- Rivex shall in its anti-AML and CTF procedures, obtain the necessary and sufficient proof from our customers to ascertain and confirm their identity on our platform(s).

- Rivex shall ensure that its corporate governance is in compliance with the legal jurisdiction whereby Rivex is in operation and further warrants that any detected activity of Money Laundering and/or Terrorist Financing will be dealt with swiftly in cooperation with relevant authorities.

As a User, you understand and further unconditionally agree to:-

- Upon being contacted by Rivex through means of email or physical mail in regards to any detected AML or other regulatory risks by Rivex in its assessment, you shall be legally obliged to furnish us with the necessary proof(s) including but not limited to source of funds and/or income, identification documents, and/or proof of residence. Failure to furnish us the requested documents upon request by Rivex, may in Rivex’s absolute discretion result in the closure of your account, termination and/or withholding of any and all services provided to you by Rivex.

- Unconditionally discharge Rivex from all liabilities in conducting its AML risk assessment and reporting obligations to certain jurisdictional authorities, including but not limited to: loss of assets, loss of data, closure of account, and/or refusal of services and facilities to you.


Should you have any queries regarding this AML Policy, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our compliance department through email: John@rivex.io