Quest Rulebook


The RiveX Quest will last 6 weeks and will give out USD100,000 worth of RVX tokens. Round one of the Quest will be run on December 19th 2019 as a warm up stage before we head off for the holiday break. The Quest will resume on the 6th of January 2020 and end on 10th February 2020. 

The RiveX Quest structure is divided into 4 groups including subgroups:

1.   Quest phase which includes a discussion on the official channel and complete task on platform (every Monday – max 50 winners)
2.   Flash quizzes will take place between Quest phases (Tuesday to Friday) where questions will be randomly asked on the RiveX official

      Telegram group during the mentioned period starting 7th January 2020 (1 winner for every question)
3.   Content creation phase where users will produce articles and various designs for the RiveX team. This will take place throughout the

      whole Quest duration strating 6th January 2020 and must be submitted via communicated medium (rewards will be allocated based on

      the content produced and will be solely up to team)
4.   The Christmas round (Quest round 1) will serve as a warm up round on 19th December 2019.


1.   One account per user
2.   No cheating or unfair methods
3.   No foul language
4.   No sharing of answers
5.   To be eligible for rewards, you need to:
       a)     complete all steps in each respective round for quest phase
       b)     comply with all requirements for other quest groups
6.   For the quest phase, new participants can join in at the start of every new round. You are not required to complete previous rounds to

      take part in the upcoming rounds
7.   You have to follow and show you support on social media platforms
8.   If you break the rules, you WILL be disqualified, banned from all channels, and your quest progress will be deleted.
Quest Phase Flow

1.   Begin by messaging our bot, Rivexio via a private message. To do this, search for the bot’s handle on telegram @rivex_bot.
2.   Once you have pressed “Start”, reply to the bot using “/quest” where you will then need to read and accept the RiveX Quest T&C’s and

      Rulebook to proceed.
3.   You will now need to enter your name (a unique identifiable name) and email address as per the bot's instructions.
4.   Once complete, you will receive message containing the details provided in (3) from the bot:
5.   Your registration via the bot is now complete.
What to do after you complete your registration via ‘Rivexio’ bot

1.   To begin the quest, admins will be posting a topic of discussion on the @RiveXOfficial telegram group. This discussion will last 2 hours

2.   You will be required to engage in this discussion in order to qualify for participation in the quest. The group will be put on slow-mode to

      prevent spam and allow for users to provide answers. You will be awarded a special registration token according to the quality of your

      answers, so answer carefully!
3.   Once the group discussion is over, head over to the Rivexio bot. Reply to the bot using “/code”. If you were awarded the special

      registration token for your answers during the discussion you will receive a message from the bot with your unique registration URL. Do

      not share this with anyone!
4.   Those who receive a ‘sorry’ notification from the bot were not awarded with the special registration token and do not qualify for round

      one. Try again in round two!
Those who were awarded the special registration token can continue to the quest platform using the URL provided by the bot

1.   Follow the link provided by the bot to the RiveX Quest platform. Once you have arrived on the quest platform, your registered email via

      the bot will be shown where you will then need to click on ‘Sign Up’.
2.   You will then receive an authentication code via the registered email you used to sign up with the bot. (remember to check your junk 

      email as well)
3.   Follow on by creating a unique username/login ID along with a strong password (same login details for upcoming RX Wallet.
4.   Once you have signed up, please login using your unique username and password to continue.
5.   Once you have logged in, you will be required to complete the various remaining quest tasks. You will only be allowed to proceed to the

      next task if you enter the correct answers for the previous tasks. Please take note, some tasks will require you to visit 3rd party websites

      in order to retrieve secret words to complete tasks. 
6.   Once you have completed all the required tasks, you will need to fill in a feedback form in order to proceed. Please fill in this form to the

      best of your ability as we value your feedback to improve the upcoming quest rounds.
7.   Once you have filled in the form, you will be shown a reference code to retrieve your rewards in the future. If you are not shown a code,

      it means you have not completed the quest in time and/or the winner cap has been reached.
Kindly proceed to our medium article for the quest phase flow with screenshots included.  


1.   Flash quizzes
      Flash quizzes will run between Quest rounds starting on 7th of January 2020
      Allocated: USD10,000 worth of RVX tokens in total
      Reward structure: 200 quiz questions with each being worth USD50 to the first person who provides the correct answer
2.   Content creation
      Content creation round will be available throughout the whole quest starting on 6th of January 2020

      Videos and articles will be prioritized for rewards, but GIFs, stickers and other materials can also be included
      Allocated: USD13,000 worth of RVX tokens
      Rewards structure: team votes on what they like the most and reward people based on the quality of content
3.   Quest phases
      A Warm up quest phase will be run on 19th December 2019
      A total of 6 quest phases excluding the warm up round will subsequently be running starting on 6th of January 2020
      Allocated: USD11,000 of RVX tokens per phase.
4.   Christmas round
      Warm up quest phase round will be run on 19th December 2019.
      Allocated: USD11,000 worth of RVX tokens