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The Time Has Come — RiveX Quest KYC

How to do KYC for the RiveX Community Quest and claim your rewards!

The wait is over! The RiveX Community Quest was an exciting time for the RiveX community and team, marking a significant milestone for RiveX in terms of community growth. We look forward to more community initiatives in the future!

Quest Participants KYC

For Quest, Content Creation, and Quiz participants — you will need to pass KYC in order to receive your tokens. Please fill in the KYC Google Doc using the link below.

KYC Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11WZPQ3x-647ahkrQDR1JHSBJYhbg83cPbnCRgNjBDfc


  • Please ensure you use the same Telegram username handle(your @ handle) as well as the same email you used during the Quest period.

  • If you participated in the daily Flash Quizzes and never submitted an email address, we will contact you on Telegram to collect your email address.

  • Please ensure you upload a picture of your government-issued ID/Passport with a selfie.

  • The Quest KYC period will end 36 hours after this article is published. Please ensure you complete KYC within this period otherwise we will be unable to distribute your rewards!

  • If you complete the KYC verification successfully, your Quest reward tokens will be distributed to your provided address on July 9th, 2020.

  • The KYC period is strictly limited to 36 hours. If you miss this period, your rewards will be FORFEITED!

Which WRC-20 address can I use to claim my rewards?

You can download the RX Desktop Wallet here: https://www.rivex.io/wallet

Not sure if you won?

Check your quest token reward allocation, you can find a Google Sheet with all winners as well as allocated rewards in the article below:


Thank you to everyone one of you who participated in the RiveX community Quest, Flash Quiz and Content Creation competition! We hope you all learned a lot about not just RiveX, but the crypto space in general :) Looking forward to more community initiatives!



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