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RiveX Monthly Recap October 2019

A look back at what RiveX has accomplished in October

RiveX community,

October has been a busy month for the RiveX team, marking the release of our Whitepaper as well as many other important updates. The development team has remained focused on the desktop and mobile wallet applications and EROX, our enterprise super-solution. The team has also been attending various offline events building a strong network in the crypto space.

Recent RiveX AMAs

We recently held various AMAs with a wide range of communities across the globe, answering many interesting questions and shedding some light on what RiveX has planned for the future. All winners from each of the communities have been contacted and all rewards have been distributed. Links to all of our AMAs with recaps can be found here. Thank you to everyone that participated!

RiveX Past Events

RiveX team has been attending many offline events including Invest Asia, Korean Blockchain Week and Devcon Japan doing hands-on marketing and networking. Be sure to come and connect with us at Singapore Blockchain Week on November 12th-15th!

Development Updates

The development team has been working around the clock with major focus on our mobile and desktop applications. Our wallet and token source code can be found on Github. We recently released an article showcasing xOffice UI, we would love to hear some feedback over on our Telegram group!

EROX, the Enterprise Super Solution Explained

Enterprise File Share and Sync — (EROX) is a product by RiveX under the BaaS model which comprises of an online office suite, featuring tamper-proof digital signatures, blockchain name service (BNS) and Interplanetary File System (IPFS) technology. The design of EROX has benefited from the collaboration of ideas formed to solve problems faced by various organizations representing many industries. Enterprise ultimate need’s has been a key element of this design process. The requirements needed by industries formed the original basis of EROX.

RiveX’s Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) is a core component in RiveX’s revenue model, offering highly customizable and modernized software for enterprises, enhanced by the strength and uniqueness of blockchain technology. Decentralized cloud-based solutions alleviate the risk of data vulnerability by encrypting data and distributing it in chunks over a peer-to-peer blockchain based network. This data can only be unencrypted by the end user which increased privacy and security for all data sent across the network.

The RiveX Whitepaper has been released!

The Whitepaper fully explains every aspect of our project: what is RiveX, what we aim to achieve and why our solution is revolutionary for the decentralized cloud economy. The whitepaper and commercial paper can be found at our website!



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