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RiveX Content Creation Submissions — 2

A look at some more of the awesome content created by the RiveX community!


Throughout the duration of our community content creation competition, we received many fantastic animations, stickers, gifs, videos, articles and one-pagers from the RiveX community. We have realized we have some serious talent amongst our community! Let's take a look at some more of the top content we have seen so far. As we review content, we will be releasing more submission overview articles on Medium to show-off the awesome work of the community! If you don’t see your content here, don’t worry, be sure to check our next article later this week!

RiveX — Ideal Solution For Blockchain Limitations


The blockchain is designed as a decentralized database that functions as a distributed ledger. The creation of Blockchain technology has brought many advantages in many industries, providing high security features. However, its decentralized nature also brings some disadvantages. For example, when compared to traditional databases, its effectiveness is limited due to scaling issue and storage capacity is low. Besides, adoption is also one of the main challenges for any blockchain projects out there since no killer decentralized applications were really launched. Understanding all those challenges, RiveX was born to resolve all the issues listed above. — Leader2704 Read more here: https://steemit.com/blockchain/@leader2704/rivex-ideal-solution-for-blockchain-limitations

RiveX: A solution for decentralized cloud economy

RiveX’s mission

The Internet consists of billions of devices connected by a decentralized and distributed network. Most data on the internet today is stored in a centralized manner. The data of leading technology companies are stored in large data centers that are vulnerable to infringement. These data centers also face the challenge of meeting demand — always expanding and upgrading hardware to accommodate larger formats and speeding up data transfer times. Scalability is always an important issue in the decentralized world. Rivexaims to address scalability and usability issues, with transparency with decentralization while taking advantage of the existing developer community and ecosystem. This is an off-chain scaling solution for existing platforms to provide scalability and add a better user experience to the functions of DApps. Rivex will have its own APIs & SDKs, products and solutions that allow developers to design, integrate, and migrate DApps built on basic platforms like Ethereum , Wanchain, etc. Traditional businesses can easily migrate to Rivex via plug-ins. — Victbt Read more here: vic.news/rivex-giai-phap-cho-nen-kinh-te-dam-may-phi-tap-trung/

Review Dự án RiveX

A video explaining the concept of RiveX and its associated products.

RiveX Onepager — A summary of the tech

By @doyousmell

RiveX Infographic — An overview of the project

By @afifridwan

Review of the Rivex project — a scalable and empowering business economy solution and decentralized financing

If we recall the history of creating blockchain technology, the main task is to create a place where people can work and make a profit. As the technology began to spread, more and more players, from domestic and foreign investors, realized that the value they could get was to collect, organize, make money from the public. This technology.

As a result, corporations have been able to increase their capitalization and attractiveness to large-scale investments by creating investment services, while building a network that connects users. This means we use a Dapps that can connect to our currency through banks. As a result of similar and different actions, blockchain technology began to struggle. — @phuongnhi12345678

Read more here:


Thank you to everyone who took part in the Content Creation Competition, your hard work is greatly appreciated! Stay tuned for the next batch of submissions!



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