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RiveX Content Creation Submissions — 1

A look at some of the awesome content created by the RiveX community!


Throughout the duration of our community content creation competition, we received many fantastic animations, stickers, gifs, videos, articles and one-pagers from the RiveX community. We have realized we have some serious talent amongst our community! Lets take a look at some of the top content we have seen so far. As we review content, we will be releasing more submission overview articles on Medium to show-off the awesome work of the community! If you don’t see your content here, don’t worry, be sure to check our next article later this week!

RiveX — unlimited scalability of your Dapps with Layer-2!

Blockchain technology has been used for more than 10 years, but it is still used exclusively for speculative purposes, that is, for application in real sectors of the economy and universal acceptance of digital assets as an alternative to outdated Fiat funds, new developments are needed that would allow blockchains not to lose bandwidth when the number of users increases.

Scaling is one of the main problems of all existing blockchain ecosystems. For example, the most popular blockchains are Ethereum and Bitcoin, but they are not suitable for mass transactions. Bitcoin — 4 transactions per second, Ethereum-15 transactions, so you can not even dream of any mass introduction into the world economy. This slow speed is not able to meet the needs of 8 billion people on the planet. — @Rrrrrrr22 Read more here: https://steemit.com/rivex/@rustam-02/rivex-unlimited-scalability-of-your-dapps-with-layer-2

RiveX introduction EROX|WRDEX

A video explaining the concept of RiveX and its associated products.

Is RiveX the Solution to the Scalability Problem of the Blockchain Ecosystem?

Rivex is an interoperable and scalable layer-2 on-chain and off-chain solution built on top of the Wanchain platform and private chains. Layer 2 means that it is an additional protocol built on top of an existing blockchain, in this case, the Wanchain blockchain. There are examples of layer-2 solutions in other platforms as well. Bitcoin has the Lightning Network. Layer-2 protocols are often built to address scalability issues and offer higher transaction speeds. They can do that because parts of the work that would have been handled by the main chain are delegated to the secondary layer. Thanks to Wanchain’s interoperability, it is possible to build scalable decentralized applications, enterprise solutions and decentralized ­finance solutions on Rivex. It combines the strengths of both public and private chains with the potential of data execution taking place both on-chain and off‑chain but having the transaction hash recorded on-chain. — Bernados Read more here:


The “Solution” Which Brings The Value For Everything — RiveX

RiveX is a unique blockchain project which bridge the gap between the Enterprise and blockchain technology and Defi, being RBaaS (RiveX Blockchain as a Service), Which is a unique model that allows consumers to use the Decentralized cloud-based services to develop, use and host their bockchain apps(Dapps), functions and smart contracts. In a nutshell, they provide full-fledged optimized blockchain platforms that ease the development and integration process.

RiveX is a layer 2 project which is built on Wanchain’s own Private chain mode also known as Lanchain. RiveX is a modular platform which customizes, optimizes, defines and shapes the enterprises to its best. It also enables and enhance’s the scalability with High Threshold of dapps/smartcontracts/apps which are in the part of RiveX ecosystem. — OWLBE

Read more here:


Thank you to everyone who took part in the Content Creation Competition, your hard work is greatly appreciated! Stay tuned for the next batch of submissions later this week.



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