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RiveX Content Creation and Flash Quizzes

Want to show off your writing or graphic designer skills? Think you have the knowledge to win our flash quizzes? Keep reading on how to claim your share of the $10,000 in RVX tokens Content Creation bounty, and $10,000 in RVX tokens Flash Quiz bounty!

Content Creation

Content creation plays a major role in the crypto space. Why? It visualizes ideas set out by projects. Visual communication is important since it portrays a message in a way that's simple and easy to understand. We have allocated a $10,000 bounty in RVX tokens for content creators.

We are looking for community members who are great at writing articles, doing videos, creating Telegram stickers or Gifs as well as doing one-pager reviews of RiveX. We are open to any sort of content creation related to RiveX and/or the crypto industry as a whole.

How will you be rewarded for your work?

Rewards will be distributed in RVX token according to the quality of content produced. Videos will be rewarded highest, articles coming in next. Stickers and Gifs will receive lower rewards.

- Videos Videos need to be a minimum of one minute in length and must be related to RiveX/Crypto. Eg. You can create an animation explaining RiveX, or explain using a voiceover. This can be submitted directly to us or shared on your own YouTube channel

- Articles Articles need to be a minimum of 500 words and must be related to RiveX ecosystem. This can also be submitted directly to us or shared on your own Medium.

- Telegram Stickers Sticker packs need to be related to RiveX. Your imagination is the limit! Once you have created your sticker pack, share the URL with us directly before using your stickers on the main RiveX chat!

- Gifs You should create Gifs related to RiveX/Crypto. Eg. WRDEX, RX Wallet, EROX, xOffice, etc. Show us what you’re capable of! Submit Gifs directly to us.

- One-pagers You should create one-pagers related to the project. Eg. A one-pager summing up the whitepaper, commercial paper, WRDEX features, xOffice features, the RiveX ecosystem (including Wanchain and FinNexus), layer-2 solutions etc. Submit these directly to us.

- Other If you have any other content creation ideas in mind, feel free to create whatever relevant content your heart desires and you will be considered for reward based on the quality and relevance of your work.

Terms and Conditions

The RiveX team reserves the right to reward you based on the quality of your work. An internal content vote will take place in order to vote on the best content published. Not all content will be rewarded!You must submit your content via the Google form provided.Copying content from other users and plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Anyone found copying others work and plagiarizing will be disqualified and banned from the RiveX community channels. Play fair and be original!You are allowed to create as much content as you like, for example, multiple articles with different topics, multiple videos explaining different aspects of the project etc. Duplicate content on different platforms will not be rewarded.You need to be an existing active community member to be eligible for rewards.By submitting content, you agree to allow the RiveX team to use your content at their own discretion. Only content that is rewarded will be used.

Deadline for content creation submissions is 14th February 2020

Flash Quizzes

We will be holding random flash quizzes on our official RiveX Telegram channel where we ask a set of 15 questions for the community to answer. The first one to send the correct answer for each question wins $50 in RVX tokens.

Stay tuned for the Flash Quizzes, they will be at random times without any prior notice!



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