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RiveX Community Quest Round 4

Announcing round 4!

Dear RiveX community,

We are pleased to announce that round four of the RiveX Community Quest is taking place next week. It will begin on Thursday, January 23rd 2020, 12 PM GMT. With round three being the more difficult round so far, we received good feedback with most of you enjoying the difficulty bump.

We challenge you to solve the next set of tasks themed around Cyber Security and Data leaks!

Participate in round four and claim your share of $11,000 in RVX tokens!

The RiveX Community Quest has a total of $100,000 in RVX tokens up for grabs, be sure to participate and claim your share!

Quest round four details

We will begin by holding another discussion on our official Telegram group where you as the community need to participate in the discussion. The topic will be posted by the admins. This discussion will last one-hour only — slow mode will be enabled to prevent spam so answer wisely!

The most active participants during this discussion will be awarded with a round four registration token as usual. The platform will open only after the discussion has ended!

What is round four all about?

Round four will be structured around Cybersecurity and data leaks, testing your knowledge of security in the crypto space. It will consist of another 3 challenging tasks up to you to solve. These tasks will include crossword puzzles, decryptions, and questions that require a deep understanding of Cybersecurity and data leaks over the past few years.

We will be releasing an article covering this topic on Monday, January 20th, 2020.

In the meantime, be sure to do your research to prepare for Thursdays round!

Test your knowledge and get ready for another rewarding adventure!

Content Creation Reminder

Content creation plays a major role in the crypto space. Why? It visualizes ideas set out by projects. Visual communication is important since it portrays a message in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. We have allocated a $10,000 bounty in RVX tokens for content creators.

We are looking for community members who are great at writing articles, doing videos, creating Telegram stickers or Gifs as well as doing one-pager reviews of RiveX. We are open to any sort of content creation related to RiveX and/or the crypto industry as a whole.

Deadline for content creation submissions is 14th February 2020

Flash Quizzes

We will be holding random flash quizzes on our official RiveX Telegram channel where we randomly ask questions for the community to answer. The first one to send the correct answer for each question wins $50 in RVX tokens.

Stay tuned for the Flash Quizzes, they will be at random times without any prior notice!

You are urged to join all our social media channels as these announcements for different rounds of quest participation will be posted randomly across all platforms — keep an eye out!

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