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Quest Winners Results

An overview of all our Quest winners and allocated points for each participant

Dear Rivexians,

We would like to thank each and everyone one of you who participated in the RiveX community Quest, Flash Quiz and Content Creation competition! We hope you all learned a lot about not just RiveX, but the crypto space in general :) The time has come to announce the winners and show off some of the top content submitted for the competition!

Top 10 Winners

These are the top 10 overall winners, including Quest Rounds, Flash Quiz, and Content Creation Competition. Congratulations!

  • @sandu_andrei — 4,350

  • @Daryllautk — 2,700

  • @Equinum — 2,500

  • @owlbe — 2,500

  • @paraphan — 2,150

  • @Alexxisr46 — 2,050

  • @Winsquare — 1,950

  • @Lyca00 — 1,900

  • @Slugger7 — 1,850

  • @henrykn — 1,850

All Quest Winners

Please take a look at this Google Sheet which contains all winners and a full reward structure:


Top Content Creation Submissions

Throughout the duration of the Quest, we received multiple submissions from 92 different people — some of you uploaded a lot of content including videos, articles, one-pagers and MANY animations — you know who you are ;) Thank you to everyone who uploaded content, we have so much talent amongst the RiveX community! We had a blast going through all the content and selecting submissions for rewards. Those that were selected for rewards have been included in the Google Sheet linked above.

Claiming Rewards

Stay tuned for our Tokenomics article which will outline when Quest token allocations will be distributed after listing as well as the peg price — all details will be released over the next couple of weeks. KYC will be mandatory and will begin 14 days prior to the Quest allocation unlock.

  • Quest allocation will be pegged to the same price as the last private sales funding round

  • There will be no lockup for Quest allocation tokens

  • Quest allocation will be distributed at the same time as private sales allocation



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