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Ocean Protocol Integration — RX Wallet Now Supports OCEAN!

Integration of OCEAN by Ocean Protocol into the RiveX Super-Dapp, RX Wallet.

Ocean Protocol— Bringing OCEAN to RX Wallet!

We are excited to announce the recent addition to the RX Wallet, OCEAN token! You can now easily store, transfer, and manage your OCEAN assets from the RX Desktop Wallet — Convenience at your fingertips!

OCEAN has been integrated into RX Wallet allowing users to access Ocean Protocol’s OCEAN token within RX Wallet, this removes the need to switch between different applications to manage your assets.

RX Wallet — The DeFi Applications Powerhouse

RX Wallet, the official wallet for the RiveX ecosystem, is a multi-chain wallet supporting a variety of assets from different chains including RVX, ETH as well as multiple ERC-20 and WRC-20 tokens. RX Wallet is the core product and release for the RiveX ecosystem. It intends to bridge and integrate DAPPS not only from Wanchain but also from other ecosystems such as Ethereum, EOS, Binance Chain, Tron, etc. How to enable OCEAN in RX Wallet

Simply click on the + ADD MORE button under your current assets to add OCEAN token. To send and receive OCEAN, click on the red and green arrows on the right-hand side.

About Ocean

Ocean Protocol is a decentralized data exchange protocol to unlock data for AI. Through blockchain technology, smart contracts, and tokens, Ocean Protocol connects data providers and consumers, allowing data to be shared while guaranteeing traceability, transparency, and trust for all stakeholders involved. It allows data owners to give value to and have control over their data assets without being locked-in to any single marketplace. By bringing together decentralized blockchain technology, a data-sharing framework, and an ecosystem for data and related services, Ocean Protocol is committed to kick-starting a new Data Economy that touches every single person, company and device, giving power back to data owners, enabling people to reap value from data to better our world. Visit https://oceanprotocol.com/



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