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Introducing the RiveX Ambassador Program!

RiveX is looking to build a strong core community of supporters from around the globe which will make up our Worldwide Ambassador team

Dear Rivexians!

RiveX strongly believes that the community is the most important part of any project — without a community, a project is just an idea. Many of the early community members have been through it all with us, from the community Quest we held earlier this year, to the launch of our core products — WRDEX and RX Wallet. Our core community understands our products better than anyone, sharing this knowledge with new community members is an important step forward in growing the community further and strengthening the general understanding of what RiveX ultimately aims to achieve.

From our inception in early 2019, the RiveX community has grown exponentially with strong core supporters from around the world! We would like to introduce the RiveX Ambassador program with details on how we will be reinforcing this team of core supporters!

RiveX Ambassador Program

We will be opening up this program to a select few community members as a start — those whom we believe to be our long-time supporters. Over time we will open this program up to our entire community allowing anyone interested to join in and help us on our mission of growing the project as a whole!

RiveX Ambassador roles:

  1. Helping out the community with product awareness — sharing knowledge with new members about RiveX products, guiding them in the right direction, etc.

  2. Graphic designs — any sort of RiveX graphics that can help spread awareness, similar to our content creation competitions. This could include one-pagers, videos, you name it!

  3. Writing articles on our products from your point of view, how YOU think our products could have an impact on the crypto space as a whole.

  4. Discussing RiveX in other crypto groups — this will help spread awareness and attract new community members, growing our community overall!

  5. Proposing value-added ideas to the team. Have a good idea for a new RiveX product? Want to propose some product improvements/changes? Let’s discuss it!

  6. Looking for potential project collaborations — have any ideas on who would be a good fit for a RiveX collaboration? Let’s hear it!

  7. Promoting RiveX on Twitter — retweeting RiveX tweets as well as your own RiveX related tweets, distinguished with the tagline “#RVXdragons

  8. RiveX ambassadors will also be added to a private group chat with the RiveX core team where they can leave feedback, add suggestions, etc.

  9. Anything else you can think of, you let us know!

RiveX Ambassador Swag Packs

As a token of appreciation, those early supporters who have been chosen as the first ambassadors will be receiving swag packs including RX branded hoodies/t-shirts(subject to availability), stickers, and keychains. Don’t worry if you aren’t chosen now, we might send out more swag packs in future!

How to Apply for/Join the ambassador program

As mentioned above, we will be releasing more details on how the wider community can get more involved in the ambassador program at a later stage, once we have established a small group of core supporters who are willing to lead the ambassador program.

The RiveX Ambassador Program is not a paid position. The RiveX team will reward members based on the value they bring to the project. Ambassadors need to be willing to make an effort to get more involved and have to show their interest — please keep in mind this is not a bounty program!

If we haven't already, we will be reaching out to some of you on Telegram where we will invite you to the RiveX Ambassador Group — Keep an eye out for a message from the team!



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