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Announcing the RiveX Quest

An exciting adventure across the crypto space!

Dear RiveX community,

We are excited to announce that round one of our RiveX Community Quest will take place on Thursday, December 19th, at 10 pm GMT+8. Rounds 2–7 will continue from January — February 2020. Mark your calendars!

Do you think you have what it takes?

Participate to claim your share of $100,000 in RVX tokens!

Quest round one details

We will begin by holding discussions on our official Telegram group where you as the community need to participate in the discussion. The topic will be posted by the admins — slow mode will be enabled to prevent spam so answer wisely!

The most active participants during this discussion will be awarded with a token which will be explained in our Quest guide that will be posted on December 18th.

Round one will consist of 3 tasks up to you to solve. These tasks will include crossword puzzles, decryptions, and questions that require a vast general knowledge of the crypto space. Test your knowledge and get ready for a rewarding adventure!

Important upcoming posts to look out for

Be sure to keep a lookout on all of our social media channels for the rules and registration guides that will be posted in the coming days.

Quest rules (including do’s and don’ts) will be posted on December 9thQuest guide (including registration details) will be posted on December 18thQuest round one will begin on Thursday, December 19th, 10 pm GMT+8

You are urged to join all our social media channels as these announcements for different rounds of quest participation will be posted randomly across all platforms — keep an eye out!



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