What is the term Layer-2 meant in blockchain technology?

Layer-2 is a secondary protocol or framework built on top of an existing blockchain to promote scalability. Scalability of public blockchain has always been the issue that prevented mass adoption. As blockchain initial use case was to replace payment thus many compare to the like of Visa which can produce much higher transaction per second rendering blockchain technology unable to match up to it. Layer-2 solution actually enable scalability on the core blockchain via on-chain and off-chain design while still preserving the nature of blockchain technology. Depending on the architecture design, transaction per second can even hit a million which is much higher than centralize payment solution can process.

What is the relationship between Wanchain and RiveX?

Wanchain is the first public blockchain that RiveX Layer-2 solution is building base off. Wanchain is the first partner of RiveX. You can also consider Wanchain actually incubated us in the sense they provided us with a lot of advice as well as technological knowhow while we are designing and undergoing development.

How to switch or migrate solution to RiveX and what are the benefit?

API and SDK will be provided and documented which enables quick and simpler migration. Via the provision of API, solution that just require data collection or execution of action can be perform easily. With SDK provided, basically current developer on the team does not need to learn a new language but remains on their current programming stack while integrating or migrating their process over. We will also provide advice and work hand in hand to provide technology know how as we understand that not all process will benefit from the addition of blockchain technology. Some of the benefits are the implementation of our solution will enable faster execution while reducing the cost and resources and also partners in the ecosystem can benefit from the leverage provided by different business sectors.

What is RiveX vision?

Rivex vision is to bridge the traditional businesses to the decentralize ecosystem by building an interoperable and scalable layer-2 on-chain and off-chain solutions on Wanchain protocol and private chains.

What is Erox?

EroX will feature are office suite tool like words, spreadsheet and presentation where employee of a company utilize these solutions to perform their daily task. Beside that we also have our own native wallet solution integrated with RX Blockchain Name Service features where it will not only be use to transfer token but also data. Another feature will be the RX Sign feature which work exactly like docusign where company can shy away from manual process of using ink to sign their document. Beside the hash will be store on blockchain which is immutable.

What is WRDEX?

WRDEX is a joint partnership and development with Wanchain. WRDEX utilizes on Wanchain’s cross-chain strength and capabilities. The key features of WRDEX includes a true decentralized cross-chain exchange backed by Wanchain’s Storeman Node, BTC, ETH, EOS, WAN and RVX pairings. (More to be added as and when Wanchain enables cross-chain with the selected protocol) and privacy protection using Monero’s ring signature technology. (This feature is not available yet.)


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