RiveX envisions a decentralized enterprise economy, supported by three main pillars such as Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), Enterprise Solutions and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

RiveX bridges different segments of clientele base from enterprise users to public users. Collectively, a wide array of clients from all walks of industries are able to experience end to end products and services offered by RiveX.


Blockchain interoperability provides an option for recognition or interaction on existing blockchain networks. We can almost compare interoperability with decentralization. Interoperability provides us with an option to share information across all existing blockchain networks. For example, A person on the Bitcoin network can send data to the RiveX network and you can easily recognize and interact with it. The main advantage is that it removes the need for a middleman, which cuts costs, saves time and removes the central point of failure removing the risk.
One of the most vital aspects of modern blockchain technology are the use of both public and private chains. It increases security and privacy. RiveX primarily focuses on Blockchain as a Service and Enterprise Solutions. RiveX aligns consortium chains where it comes in as a middleware to enable these enterprises to communicate with each other. Not only that, the end users are able to be part of this ecosystem as well. Blockchain provides us with a future in which an authorized third party is not needed anymore. That is why we do not need a trusted responsible person or organization in charge of the network. At RiveX, we aim to provide enterprises with cryptographic end-to-end ecryption with privacy features built around the ring signatures model.
Decentralized Finance is conventional finance tools built on blockchain. These tools are designed to showcase the advantages of operating on a public blockchain such as censorship-resistance and improved access to financial services. DeFi is open finance, where ecosystems of existing blockchains, digital platforms and protocols are “ingratiating” themselves with existing financial structures. RiveX is planning to introduce DeFi initiatives which will involve financial attributes such as a decentralized exchange, derivatives products, investment token offering and future financial services.


    RiveX 1.0

  • Commercial Paper Release
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Desktop Wallet, iOS and Android Wallet
  • Private Chain Deployment
  • Launch of the world's first Cross-Chain Decentralize Exchange

Q4 2019

    RiveX 2.0

  • Enterprise POC Use Cases
  • BaaS - Private Chain Integration for Enterprise Solutions
  • Launch of EroX first feature - xOffice
  • Partnership Announcement
  • Launch of DeFi Phase 1 - Twin Strike Contracts
  • Alpha Test Net

Q1 2020

    RiveX 3.0

  • Launch of DeFi Phase 2 - StratoX Platform
  • Launch of EroX additional features - xSign, xBNS and RiveX.TV
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Beta Test Net

Q2 2020

    RiveX 4.0

  • Mainnet Launch
  • Announce Staking Economic Model
  • Launch of Alpha Staking Testnet
  • Enterprise POC in Live Production Environment

Q3 2020


Alex Ng

Chief Executive Officer

Alex has served as a server support engineer for one of the leading global MNC, Dell for five years, among which he has led and managed processes as well as developed automation activities for the taskforce. His passion in blockchain technologies and high interest in coding turned professional steered him into building a decentralized solution which concertedly blends together with a centralized solution.

Joseph Lee

Chief Technology Officer

Joseph has over 15 years experience in financial services, blockchain thought leader, advisor, and speaker. He has been involved in several blockchain projects. He is the ex team member of the Kyber Network and he was the lead of tech trading platform where he built it from scratch.

John Chan

Chief Legal Officer

A certified lawyer and blockchain veteran with proven legal structuring work and P&L management skills. John first brought crypto mining to Malaysia on an industrial scale in 2016 and further conducted dialogues with regulators in the region on implementing a standardized framework for ICOs, and crypto exchanges. Coupling his extensive knowledge of both crypto and legal, John brings unique insights and solutions to teams around the world. Ultimately, John is a payment enthusiast with a Blockchain view.

Aljaz Tisler

Chief Marketing Officer

Aljaz has worked on countless of blockchain projects. Most recently he was in charge of social media and marketing at 0xcert. His passion have always been solutions that can improve living in the future.

Yurish Toh

Marketing & Social Media Manager

Yurish has been one of the well known social media influencer and has diverse experiences working with startups as well as traditional companies in marketing. She provides innovative marketing and branding strategies that increases revenues, drive brand awareness and solidify customer relationships, creating viral campaigns, using social media to increase audience.

Liam van Zyl

Global Community

Liam has been in the blockchain space since early 2016. He has served as a community manager for Wanchain and others within the Wanchain ecosystem. He is passionate about projects that focus on Decentralized Finance.


Blockchain Solutions Architect

Blitz is a blockchain solutions architect with vast exposure in the software programming scene. He possesses rigid information technology techniques and skills. His expertise includes Solidity, SQL, ASP.NET, MVC structure, database, software project and integration. He has been involved with various blockchain architecture and enterprise solutions using Hyperledger. He has also built multiple applications based on VR and AR technologies.

Vivian Hsu

Lead Blockchain Developer

Vivian has vast experiences in the technology and programming field in China. She has served as a software engineer and quality assurance with some notable companies which includes Dell and Guangfa Bank in China.


Mark Tan

Mark has five years of corporate banking experience with several local and foreign banks in Malaysia which include Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp, Hong Leong Bank and RHB Bank. He is currently attached to Wanchain and WanFund as Asia BD Director. He is leading Wanchain’s blockchain enterprise solutions and joint revenue fintech businesses in South East Asia. He is spearheading and managing Wanchain’s enterprise partnerships for decentralized credit scoring, tokenization of loyalty points and decentralized microlending with PUC Berhad, a listed company in Malaysia. He is advising multiple blockchain projects and currently co-leading multiple crypto related market making activities together with Nova (Advisor for Rivex). He now co-founded RiveX together with Alex Ng to scale Wanchain’s enterprise solutions businesses in South East Asia.


Nova has ten years of proprietary trading experience. He has vast experience of quantitative and high frequency trading. He is currently the head of algorithm and quantitative trading department in one of South East Asia’s largest trading house. He has been involved with some of the notable market making activities in the cryptocurrency scene.

Li Ni

Li Ni has over 15 years experience in IT and internet business. Previously worked for ZTE Telecom, Delta Electronics and SuperMap Software as directors in relevant fields. He is the VP of Wanchain and Wanglu Tech China. He is also the co-founder of WANLab, Wanchain's blockchain incubator and accelerator. He is also the global partner for WANFund, Wanchain Foundation's blockchain fund.

Alexey Koloskov

Alexey is a blockchain developer, chief architect and creator of the Waves decentralized exchange (Waves’ DEX). He has extensive experience in the development and complex banking software. Over the past several years, he has established a reputation as an active and expert participant within the blockchain community. He currently serves as the CEO for Orion Protocol.

Kal Ali

Kal is a founding partner at Kanix and blockchains strategic advisor for several projects, specializing in business development and partnerships. He brings expertise in the traditional finance sector to the cutting edge blockchain space. He currently serves as the COO for Orion Protocol.