A Distributed Peer to Peer Storage Marketplace

Data files are fully encrypted and broken into shards before storing across different hosts on a peer to peer network. Rent your unused storage utilizing blockchain and IPFS technology






Consortium of private chain and public chain with Oracle intermediaries for a sustainable ecosystem

Security and Privacy

Cryptographic end-to-end encryption with zero knowledge proof

Decentralized Finance

Financial attributes such as derivatives products, investment token offerings and future financial services will be introduced under RiveX’s DeFi initiatives.


  • RiveX 1.0 - Private Chain Integration for BaaS and Enterprise Solutions
  • Whitepapaer Release (August 2019, Week 2)
  • Commercial Paper Release (July 2019)
  • Desktop Wallet, iOS and Android Wallet (Sept 2019)
  • Private Chain Deployment (August 2019)

Q3 2019

  • RiveX 2.0 - Enterprise POC Use Cases
  • Launch of Strax.TV Prototype (December 2019)
  • Launch of Eros Prototype (December 2019)
  • Launch of Twin-Win and Staking as a Service (DeFi)
  • Initial Exchange Offering (December 2019)
  • Alpha Test Net

Q4 2019

  • RiveX 3.0 - Launch of Phase 2 DeFi initiatives
  • Channel Partnerships
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Aggregation with SDK
  • Aggregation with Docker
  • Beta Test Net

Q1 2020

  • RiveX 4.0 - Mainnet Launch        
  • Super Node Program

Q2 2020


Jake Lim

Chief Executive Officer

Jake had previously worked with NEM blockchain where he was actively enrolling developers, communicating with and managing the media and their networks as part of investors relations, actively performed advisory roles for projects that were building on blockchain. He then moved to ProximaX, where he was in charge of decentralized application that builds on top of Interplanetary File System and blockchain technology.

Alex Ng

Chief Operations Officer

Alex has served as a server support engineer for one of the leading global MNC for five years, among which he has led and managed processes as well as developed automation activities for the taskforce. His passion in blockchain technologies and high interest in coding turned professional steered him into building a decentralized solution which concertedly blends together with a centralized solution.


Chief Technology Office

Blitz is a CTO with vast exposure in the software programming scene. He possesses rigid information technology techniques and skills. His expertise includes Solidity, SQL, ASP.NET, MVC structure, database, software project and integration. He has also built multiple applications based on VR and AR technologies.


Chief Marketing Officer

Aljaz has worked on countless of blockchain projects. Most recently he was in charge of social media and marketing at 0xcert. His passion have always been solutions that can improve living in the future.


Marketing Director

Yurish has been one of the well known social media influencer and has diverse experiences working with startups as well as traditional companies in marketing. She provides innovative marketing and branding strategies that increases revenues, drive brand awareness and solidify customer relationships, creating viral campaigns, using social media to increase audience.


Global Community

Liam has been in the blockchain space since early 2016. He has served as a community manager for Wanchain and others within the Wanchain ecosystem. He is passionate about projects that focus on Decentralized Finance.

Vivian Hsu

Lead Developer

Xu Yan has vast experiences in the technology and programming field in China. She has served as a software engineer and quality assurance with some notable companies which includes Dell and Guangfa Bank in China.


Mark Tan

Mark has five years of corporate banking experience with several local and foreign banks in Malaysia. He is currently attached to Wanchain as Asia BD Director. He is leading Wanchain’s blockchain enterprise solutions and joint revenue fintech businesses in South East Asia. He is also advising multiple blockchain startups.


Nova has ten years of proprietary trading experience. He has vast experience of quantitative and high frequency trading. He is currently the head of algorithm and quantitative trading department in one of South East Asia’s largest trading house. He has been involved with some of the notable market making activities in the cryptocurrency scene.