RiveX addresses the problem by moving operations off-chain to be handled separately. For example, any computations regarding privacy, saving resources, obtaining lower latency and so on can all be done off-chain without the need to record every operation on the parent chain. The result is a more effective use of computational power without the need for the parent chain handling all transactions.



One of the most vital aspects of modern blockchain technology are the use of both public and private chains. It increases security and privacy. RiveX aligns enterprises, applications and developers where it comes in as a middleware to enable these actors to communicate with each other. Not only that, the end users are able to be part of this ecosystem as well. Blockchain provides us with a future in which an authorized third party is not needed anymore. That is why we do not need a trusted responsible person or organization in charge of the network. At RiveX, we aim to provide everyone in RiveX's ecosystem with cryptographic end-to-end encryption with privacy features.


Blockchain interoperability provides an option for recognition or interaction on existing blockchain networks. We can almost compare interoperability with decentralization. Interoperability provides us with an option to share information across all existing blockchain networks. For example, A person on the Bitcoin network can send data to the RiveX network and you can easily recognize and interact with it. The main advantage is that it removes the need for a middleman, which cuts costs, saves time and removes the central point of failure removing the risk.


A robust software bundles of functions and utilities that enable developers, applications and enterprises to integrate on RiveX’s ecosystem. A rich selections of tools and library to seamlessly connect applications to RiveX’s operating environment. RiveX’s developer toolkits are built for web3. RiveX’s technology is easy to integrate with a rich selections of use cases.


Decentralized finance is conventional finance tools built on blockchain. These tools are designed to showcase the advantages of operating on a public blockchain such as censorship-resistance and improved access to financial services. DeFi is open finance, where ecosystems of existing blockchains, digital platforms and protocols are “ingratiating” themselves with existing financial structures. RiveX is building DeFi use cases as well as providing a platform for anyone who wishes to build DeFi applications on RiveX. RiveX wil be planning to introducing DeFi initiatives such as a decentralized exchange, derivatives products, and other future DeFi products.


Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) is known as a modernized Software as a Service (SaaS). Privacy, scalability and cost have always been a priority when it comes to solutions like this. Private chains which specifically tailored and committed to design a decentralized ecosystem for any enterprises which want to seamlessly integrate blockchain into their business needs can be done via RiveX’s solutions.


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